Welcome to Chubbi Club; a place for positivity, good vibes and most importantly, some funky fresh resin rings. 

Like many others, this adventure started as a lockdown hobby.  Quickly, my ring collection started to triple in size, making it the perfect opportunity for these rings to be re-homed.

Whilst making these pieces, I started to notice the amount of waste that was produced in the process. I wanted to recycle the remnants found in the mixing pots as well as from spillages by integrating them into the resin, which have added a special, colourful element into these designs. 

Chubs was an affectionate nickname given to me by my family ever since I was little, so I wanted this brand and the chunky rings to reflect a bit of me! Chubbi Club welcomes everyone; the unique abstract form of the rings celebrates individuality and I'm super excited to bring you along on my resin loving journey!